Short Courses

The Australian College of Biodynamic Agriculture runs periodic 2 day Biodynamic Introductory courses at Cranbourne, Victoria and other venues.

The courses suit home gardeners and small holders, but also provide a useful introduction to Biodynamics for professional farmers

The purpose of these courses is to teach the essential basic skills of Australian Demeter Biodynamics as developed by Alex Podolinsky. Areas covered include:

  • Biodynamic development and its application in Australia
  • The benefits of Biodynamic methods for the environment
  • How Biodynamics works and the scientific basis of Biodynamics
  • Storing, stirring and applying Biodynamic preparations
  • How to make Biodynamic compost
  • Use of the moon/zodiac sowing chart
  • Cultivation methods, and other BD practices.
After attending one of these courses, you will have all the skills necessary to start applying Biodynamic methods on your own property.

After attending the course you will be eligible to join Biodynamic Growers Australia Inc., the national association for home gardeners, small holders and small scale commercial growers. (Professional farmers can join the Bio-dynamic Agricultural Association of Australia). The annual subscription for BDGAI is $45 per member or family and entitles members to purchase highest quality Biodynamic preparations made by the Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association of Australia, obtain advice on Biodynamic issues, receive two Biodynamic Growing magazines per year as well as quarterly newsletters and access to a library of Biodynamic and related books.

Fees for the two day course are $160 per person or $280 per couple. 

To register for the next course:

The Australian College of
Biodynamic Agriculture Inc.

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